We help businesses grow.

70% of buyer research happens online, BEFORE a buyer ever reaches out to a vendor.

To generate maximum ROI, we aim to insert your business into the buying process and help you influence the outcome before a purchase decision is made, helping your sales team close more business.

Your team of digital marketers will constantly work to attract new visitors to your website, convert them to leads for your sales team, and – once they become customers – turn them into advocates for your brand.

Our team and our entire marketing process is focused on your business's most important function. Sales. By aligning all of our efforts around the sales funnel, we engage prospects with your company's unique value proposition all along their buyer journey, and deliver the most engaged prospects to your sales team.

Optix: Sales Funnel

1. Attract

We build unique personas of your ideal buyers, then create relevant and engaging content for them to consume. By creating content that addresses and solves your ideal buyer’s pain points, we are then able to attract those buyers to your website that may not have otherwise found you at all.

2. Convert

In this stage we continue to create content for your buyer personas that helps them in their day-to-day job, while positioning your business as a valuable resource for them. Once a buyer signs up to download a guide, ebook, video or other premium content, they now become a contact in your database – and can continue to be marketed to on a more personal level.

3. Close

During the close stage, we connect the buyer with more sales-related materials like demo videos, whitepapers, data sheets, and pricing guides. When a user demonstrates a high enough lead score, we hand them off to your sales team for follow-up. This process accelerates the buying cycle, and puts your sales team in a position to close more deals while we continue to warm up new opportunities for them.

4. Delight

One of your greatest marketing assets is a happy customer. Through the creation of case studies, testimonials and customer referrals, we’ll help you tell your shared story of success to attract new prospects to your sales funnel.


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