How many leads does your website generate?

If you’re struggling to answer this question, you’ve come to the right place.

The role of a company website has evolved to become the center of the universe for your marketing activities. And if your website isn’t that, it should be.

We build websites with a very specific goal in mind. To help you sell, and ultimately grow your business. And we have a specific process for getting you there.

Opptix: Discovery



Before we do anything with your new website, we listen. It sounds simple, but it’s a critical – and often overlooked – step toward the success of your new website. We follow a detailed discovery process to gain a thorough understanding of who your buyers are, and what motivates them.

Opptix: Persona Building


Persona Building

From there we create specific buyer personas, so that we know exactly who we’re speaking to, what their pain points are, and how your company can solve them. We then engage in research to determine specific keywords and phrases those personas use to try and resolve their issues.

Opptix: Planning



Once we know who we’re speaking to, we then create a content plan and sitemap geared toward moving the buyer through the website and having them take action. We also take great care to insure site architecture is optimized to give you the most feedback possible on who is visiting your website and where their interests lie.

Opptix: Wireframe


Wireframes & Proofs

Once we’ve agreed on architecture, we create wireframes that outline each page to show you where all the pieces of content will be placed and the strategy behind putting them there. After that we’ll develop design proofs, to nail down the look and feel of your new website.

Opptix: Website Launch


Website Launch

When we have finalized design mockups, we begin the website build. During this part of the process, we create a separate development site for you to track the progress of your new website every step along the way. Once we have designed, built, proofed, and thoroughly tested the site, we get final sign-off from you – and introduce your new website to the world.


Let's get to work.