Sales accelerated.

When you feel the thrill of new leads from your website for the first time, it’s natural to want to pass them all to the sales team for follow-up. The truth is that they’re not all ready for sales yet, and once they are, there’s still work to be done before a sale can be made.

We help you consistently identify your best new prospects, and provide value to them during the most critical phase of the buyer journey. This allows your team to focus its time and energy on the warmest leads, accelerating your sales process and driving business growth.

Optix: Sales Funnel

Shorter sales cycle. More sales.

We help your sales team capitalize on each opportunity by enriching the buyer experience and setting your team apart from its competition. To help you do this, we will:

Audit and Improve your Sales Process.

We’ll perform an audit of your current sales process and work with you to refine it. We’ll create specific and actionable milestones for your sales team to better identify buyer progress and benefit from a more unified approach to sales. We'll also work with you to create a Prospect Fit Matrix that we'll use to further identify only the highest quality leads for your team.

Leverage Automated Workflows.

Once we have identified your process and sales milestones, we’ll create automated workflows that speak to your prospects in each stage of the sales pipeline. These stage-specific communications will help usher your prospects further down the funnel toward close and will keep you front-and-center during the most critical phase of the buyer journey.

Build Content for Deal Closing.

Communicating with a prospect at the bottom of the funnel is important, but only if you’re providing value in the process. We work with you to craft custom branded specification sheets, cost-comparison documents, case studies, customer testimonials, ROI calculators, pricing guides and more. This valuable content at your buyer’s most critical stage will set your sales team apart from competition who is “just checking in” to see if a decision has been made.


Let's get to work.